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Outbound Sales Operator - English Fluent - Internet Speed of 10mb

Publicado el 04/12/20 18:40 Por ADSII
salary $200.00 por mes
location Ciudad Autónoma de BsAs, Argentina
time Tiempo Completo
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Compensation: TBD

Employment: Part-time 6am-10am, 10am-2pm, 2pm-6pm

***If you are interested in this position, please answer the interview questions located at the bottom.***

Hiring urgently: English fluency is required for this position. I run a small business and I'm looking for a female phone operator with a soft spoken, sweet, charismatic tone. Your job will be to answer all our inbound phone calls and make outbound phone calls when necessary to follow up with our customers’ orders. For each call you’ll log it in our inbound call form that’s connected to our CRM (Customer relationship management), Hubspot. You will need to multitask by writing down the customer's information while speaking on the phone; their first and last name, their phone number, email address, and request. 

Computer and Internet Qualifications: Your internet connection must be reliable with a speed of 10mb. Your computer needs to have at least 8 mb RAM (Random-access memory), 2.0 ghtz of CPU power, and windows x64 installed and running. Your bandwidth needs to be fast and uninterrupted as we are receiving calls around the clock. Make sure your computer is always charged and ready to go from the start of your shift till the end.

What you need to do Before Hire: This position is virtual, so you’ll be working from your home base. We use a VOIP phone system called Zulu that you’ll need to have a secure/compatible  connection to. You can download it through this link https://www.sangoma.com/pbx/zulu/. You need to submit an internet speed test report from speedtest.net This will determine if your internet connectivity is fast enough for Zulu to operate properly. Lastly, you’ll answer the interview questions below through a voice recording and send it to this email tina.s.sullivan@gmail.com If you meet the job requirements we will set up a live interview with you.  


Skills and Qualifications: Experience in customer service is highly preferred so our customers are guaranteed a reliable, upbeat attitude every time their call is answered. You’ll need to learn to prioritize phone calls because our company receives many spam calls. This means quickly filtering your conversations for keywords like: I’m calling for ____ to see if they are interested in or Hi do you have a moment to discuss. These are examples of calls that we don’t want to dedicate our time to. You will still log the call on the same form after hanging up. You’ll need to move quickly as there can/will be another customer calling shortly after. You’ll need to know how to operate google drive, google docs, google sheets, and gmail accounts. Some additional skills we are looking for are organization, time management, a conscientious yes attitude, communication, and hard-working dedication. 

If you’re interested in this position, please respond with your resume along with a voice recording of you answering the below interview questions. 

  1. Name *

    1. First and last name

  2. Email *

  3. Phone number *

  4. Country/Region *

  5. What's your schedule availability? Which schedule can you comply with? Monday - Friday 6am-10am, 10am-2pm, or 2pm-6pm? *

  6. Do you have experience as a phone operator? If so, how many years? *

  7. What's your idea of a phone operator? Their role, their attitude, etc.? *

  8. Can you work in a fast paced environment efficiently? If so, give an example of a time that you have in the past? *

  9. If you have experience as a phone operator, tell me about the last time a co-worker or customer got angry with you. How did you handle it? What did you do? *

  10. Why are you a good candidate for this position? *

  11. Are you currently working anywhere else? If so, where? Do you plan on keeping that job if you're hired? *

  12. Are you content with the set salary? *

  13. Have you ever worked as a Virtual Assistant? If so when? What tasks did you perform?

  14. Do you have experience with Mojo Dialer? *

  15. Do you have experience with discord? *

  16. Do you have experience with google drive, docs, sheets, gmail, etc? *

  17. What is your internet speed? *be sure to upload a screenshot of your speed test from speedtest.net

  18. What kind of computer do you have? Version? Software? RAM?

  19. Have you ever been fired from a job? If so, when and why? *

  20. Submit your cover letter or resume *

  21. Submit your verbal answers here *

  22. Submit your speed test and Zulu download 

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